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Responsive WordPress Websites and Online Stores

A man at his desk building WordPress Website and Online Stores

WJM Creative offers a professional web development and design service. Whether you are looking to create a brand-new website, redesign your current website or open an online store. Get stunning and responsive WordPress Websites and Online Stores.

Why does your business need a
WordPress Website and or Online Store?

Think about your website as a digital representation of yourself. The beautiful thing about a website is that you are essentially now at work 24/7. A website is always running and therefore always representing your business. People are putting a lot of trust on the internet and when they don’t know something or when they are in need of something, where do they go? The internet. That is why your website needs to be there answering their questions and giving a solution to their problem

I mentioned the trust that people put in websites, check this out, 75% of consumers admit to making judgments on a company’s credibility based on the company’s website design. Don’t let this stress you out, see the website packages below and contact WJM Creative today for a website that will increase your credibility.

Why should you let WJM Creative build your website?

I have got years of experience developing websites. WJMC works with the latest and greatest tools to create stable and responsive WordPress Websites and Online Stores for your business. I don’t just create website that works for the moment but that are ready to stand the test of time. Allow WJM Creative to help potential clients to find your business easily online.

What makes a great
WordPress Websites and Online Stores?

Man illustrating aspects of WordPress Websites and Online Stores


WJMC uses tools such as WordPress and Shopify that have been around and have been tested and proven to be the best. They also offer great CMS (Content Management Systems) functionality in order to easily keep your website up to date. Uploading new blogs and products have never been this easy


I know that a great website is not just a beautifully designed UI (User Interface) but one that has been carefully thought through for the best UX (User Experience), fastest loading times and featuring content that search engines love and bring lots of feet to your business

Stability & Security

Stability and security are my number one priority. I use hosting that has multiple servers ensuring 99,9% uptime for your website, partnered with CDN services such as Cloudflare it creates a very reliable and stable platform for your business website. I use trusted SSL certification, and multiple layers of security to make sure that your information is protected

Premium Content

Utilizing my full-service scope, I can make sure that your website is loaded with premium quality, unique and relevant content to attract new visitors and turn them into viable leads. I optimize all the content to make sure that your website is loading as fast as possible creating an enjoyable experience for your visitors. I want your website to entice them to share it with their friends and family

Content and Security in WordPress Websites and Online Stores

Why do you need to maintain your website?

On a front-end level, you want people to come back to your website on a constant basis as this creates credibility and allows it to be seen by more and more people, resulting in more possible leads. A great way of doing this is to regularly upload new content on your website through a blog, new pages, or products if you have an online store. After uploading the content, you would ideally share it on social media platforms for people to see and come flocking in to see your new content.

On a back-end level, you want to make sure that your website is always up to date with the latest versions of software to ensure optimal security. You also want to create frequent backups, just to be safe and so you know that no matter what, you are covered.

How would you know how to do all of this when you are not a web developer? Don’t panic, I have got you covered. I provide affordable maintenance plans that covers your backend (Pun intended). The beauty of a maintenance plan is also to give you priority and emergency services.

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