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Video Production related gear lying on a table Get professional video services
for your company

WJM Creative offers a professional Video Production
service at affordable rates for your business.

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Two screens with Web Development related information on them Get your Business online with
WordPress & Shopify Websites

WJM Creative offers a Professional Web Development
and Design Service for your Business.

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People Promoting Social Media Content Creation Why your business needs premium
social media content creation

WJM Creative offers a full Social Media
Content Creation Service for your Business.

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Man signing a Creative Retainer Package Why you need to consider retainer
based services for your business

WJM Creative as a service provider offers
a lot of value in services at very affordable rates

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Who and what is WJM Creative?

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WJM Creative is based in the East Rand, Gauteng, and we are a Digital Marketing and Creative Content Solutions Specialist. What does that mean? We want to help your business get into its best shape. We do that by establishing a strong Online Presence through a unique and powerful Marketing Strategy, developing an effective Marketing Infrastructure, and creating Premium Content specifically aimed at your target audience.

These services together create a powerful Turn-Key Solution for your business that has the potential to increase Lead Generation, Sales and ultimately your Business Revenue. We want your voice to be heard and your business to be seen. We want you to reach your utmost potential.

Find out more about WJM Creative

WJM Creative is the Ideal Digital Marketing and Creative Content Solution
for Your Business

Video is highly regarded and without a doubt one of the most powerful ways of communication. I want to work with your business to produce video content that tells your story and attracts new customers.


It is become a bare essential for all businesses to have a website. I will build you a high quality, responsive and beautiful website that stands ready to turn visitors into paying customers.


There may be many loud voices on Social Media, but we can make yours even louder with premium, high quality and relevant content that will catch your audience’s attention and keep it.


Do you remember Lucky Packets and how amazing they were? Well, I have a Lucky Packet for your business.

Spoiler alert: it contains all these services at very affordable prices.


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WJM Creative?